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50 Cent Wastes His Time Picking On Kanye

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What's the purpose of writing adiss rap about someone who is not going to reply?

A good diss record is supposedto spark a feud. It is supposed to evoke a response record that couldpotentially outshine the instigating track. It should prompt fans of eitherside or even the unbiased to keep a tally of lyrical jabs and hooks. This willhelp listeners support their argument their winner.

A great diss experience canforever be debated.

I'm sorry 50, but this is notthe kind of experience you are going to get with Kanye.

Kanye did not have much to saywhen you had the album release week battle in 2007, despite your claim toretire if he outsold you. And he is refusing to record a response to your song"Heartless Monster."

Not only has Kanye not respondedto "Heartless Monster," clearly a dark parody of Kanye's "Heartless," hisreaction to 50's sucker punch is actually sad.

Kanye recently likened 50'sinsults to a celebrity spitting on a child fan's face. In an interview withBossip.com Kanye explained, "I felt like if he said something negative and tried to make it like I'mnegative it's almost like if a little kid walks up to you at the airport and islike, 'Man, I love you so much,' and then you spit on him. It's like," Kanyesays jokingly, "'I don't know if I love you as much as I used to,' as you wipethe spit off your face, but you still play their music."

At the end of"Heartless Monster" 50 suggests that he should make a whole R&B recordcalled 808s And My Heart Is Broke. Headds that guys from the hood are not supposed to wear rainbow colored clothesand doing so is an indication that they are gay. He considers having such guysbeaten up. 50 is a self-described different breed of man.

Not once did I feel an urge tosay "ooooh" or laugh at a funny punch line when listening to the song. In onesense, it would be hilarious to see Kanye go off in one of his typical rants.But that would be just as boring.

50 Cent needs a full-fledgedbattle like the old ones between Jay-Z and Nas, MC Lyte and Antionette, KRS-Oneand MC Shan or Common and Westside Connection.

It just feels like he's pickingon Kanye. It's like Ja Rule all over again.


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