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  • How 666 Piqued Gangsta Boo’s Interest in the Dark Side

    Billy Johnson, Jr. at Hip-Hop Media Training5 mths ago

    Three 6 Mafia and Da Mafia 6ix member Gangsta Boo made some shocking revelations about witchcraft during an exclusive three-part interview with Yahoo Music.

    Since their debut in the 1990s, Three 6 Mafia has been plagued with rumors that they worshiped the devil because their name references 666, a number typically associated with Satan; they rapped about Lucifer; and they incorporated Satanic imagery in their artwork.

    During an exclusive interview with Yahoo Music's The Aftermath, Gangsta Boo revealed that she experimented with witchcraft after she joined the Memphis group.

    "I dibbled and dabbled in witchcraft 'cause I was young and I wanted to know what the dark side was about," she said during Part 3. "I've always heard about it and we was in this group called 666 Mafia so I wanted to be as dark as possible."

    Gangsta Boo admits that her mother did not approve of her exploration.

    "I bought a witchcraft book and my momma put me out the house," she said. "It's not that I was sitting in the circle practicing Illuminati scriptures or whatever. I was just young and when you young you explore."

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  • Why Eminem Defends Friendship With ‘The Monster’ on Rihanna Collab

    Billy Johnson, Jr. at Hip-Hop Media Training5 mths ago

    Eminem's new song "Monster" could be considered a PSA for mental health.

    On the song bustling with electric rock guitars and heavy drum snares, the Detroit rapper discusses being influenced by voices he hears in his head. He refers to the voices as the monster under his bed.

    Rihanna, who also teamed with Eminem for the 2010 hit "Love The Way You Lie," sings the chorus, "I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed/ Get along with the voices inside of my head/ Keep tryin' to save me/ Stop holding your breath/ And you think I'm crazy/ Well that's not fair."

    Throughout the song, Eminem describes his struggle to feel normal. "Going cuckoo and kookie as Kook Keith, but I'm actually weirder than you think," he rhymes.

    He even asks his listeners not to judge him. "I'm just relaying what the voice in my head's saying," he raps. "Don't shoot the monster."

    He admits that he knows his admission will be hard to grasp for some. "Maybe I need a straight jacket for real, but I'm OK with that. It's nothing," he says. The song received an explosive response via Twitter:

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