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A&R Exec Creates Music-centric Social Networking Site

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Big Billy Clark, an A&R executive for Interscope Recordswho has also worked for Island Def Jam and Atlantic Records, created a music-centricsocial networking website that is going to make his job easier.

Along with two silent partners, Clarklaunched the beta for Musicolio.com inFebruary. The site allows music industry professionals to build detail profilesthat can be searched by musical expertise.

A pull down menu on the registration page offers musicians awide range of classifications from the more common areas such as acousticguitarist and drummer to the more obscure oboist and sitarist.

There are also categories for those on the business side,including vocalists, composers, production, and service, among others.

Superstar producer and artist Babyface is using the site aspart of his search for a new teen female recording artist.

According to the entry on the site, "He is looking for thenext 'Brandy' (a young female pop/R&B artist) but is open to anyone withtalent."

"That's why the site was created," Clarksaid.

Clark could have used asite like Musicolio five years ago when he was working with pop singer actressChristina Milian who had a hit at the time with her top 5 hit "Dip It Low."

In the beginning of the song, there is a part played by anuncommon string instrument. They wanted to have someone perform it live for aconcert, but were not able to find anyone.

"We called every musician we knew who puts band together," Clark said. They eventually found a man who had theinstrument Clark believes was a sitar, but hedid not know how to play it.

Musicolio's categorization will save Clarktime in the future combing through millions of websites in search of newartists, songwriters and producers.

He's already learned of one of the sites early successstories.

He received a thank you note from someone who was puttingtogether a show and had an artist drop out at the last minute. When looking fora replacement, they found an artist on Musicoloio.

"They heard him on the site and invited him to do the show,"Clark said. "They emailed me afterwards andsaid we found someone on the site and created a relationship. It made us feelgood."

Clark said Musicolio is themusic version of ModelMayem.com. "It's strictly for models," he said about thefashion industry site. "It includes everything from photographers to make upartists to everything associated with the modeling industry. It is a usefultool. Musicoloio is the same thing for music."

Clark's record exec friendslove that the site requires new members to be approved before they can set up apage.

Clark also has the support ofTay Zonday, who had a viral hit with his song "Chocolate Rain." Zonday recordeda theme song for Musicoloio. Click here to see the video.

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