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The Aftermath: Dr. Dre To Take A Break, Drake Turns To Lounge Singer On ‘Take Care’

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Soren Baker and I couldn't wait to get into this week's hip-hop news topics. After waiting for more than 10 years for Dr. Dre to release "Detox," the legendary beatsmith has announced his plans to extend his leave of absence. The Aftermath venting was in order. Our review of Drake's "Take Care" album finds the Young Money rapper focusing on way too much lounge music. And we examine Snoop Dogg's ability to portray a 15-year-old in his forthcoming movie with Wiz Khalifa, "Mac + Devin Go To High School."

The conversation picks up when we take on the last three topics — Prince Paul's "Negroes On Ice Tour," Trina's N-word etiquette for Kreayshawn and V-Nasty, and Common's new music video for "Sweet."

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Leave Of Absence -- Dr. Dre plans to take a break from music.
Bedtime Music
-- Drake's "Take Care" is too mellow.
Continuation High School
-- Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa to play high school students in new movie.
Ice Capdes
-- Prince Paul embarks on Negroes On Ice tour.
-- Trina says it's OK for Kreayshawn to use the N-word.
-- Common shoots gritty "Sweet" video in Haiti.

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Billy Johnson Jr., Soren Baker


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