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The Aftermath: Kanye West’s Dress Is A Bad Move, Odd Future Photographer Attack Slammed

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The energy is up on today's segment of The Aftermath, the best music discussion on the 'net. The Aftermath is not a fashion vlog, but Soren Baker and I could not resist taking Kanye West to task for wearing a dress during a Watch The Throne tour date. We review a new album from Talib Kweli and Res recorded under the name Idle Warship, and we slam Odd Future member Left Brain for allegations that he slapped a female photographer during the group's show.

In the speed round we weigh in on "Gucci Gucci" rapper Kreayshawn's latest beef, this time with Gangsta Boo; a new global anti-illuminati compilation; and Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake's latest "History Of Rap" performance.

More info links and highlights from today's show:

Kanye West wears a dress on Watch The Throne tour?

"I think this is a bad move. ... Anytime a dude is wearing a skirt and he thinks it's cool, I can't endorse that." -- Soren

"I want to give him a little bit [of slack] because he talks a lot about being a pharaoh in all of the lyrics. So if you go back to the Egyptian garb, he goes back there." -- Billy

New Music: Idle Warship [Talib Kweli & Res]

"On 'Enemy,' [Talib] gets to play a violent guy that's abusive. That's something that if it was on a Talib his fans would be like, 'Yo what are you doing?'" - Soren

"I think it's good for hip-hop artists to get outside of the box." -- Billy

Odd Future member Left Brain assaults female photographer.

"I'm disgusted by this act. .. Bottom line is you can't hit women." -- Soren

"Why would you be mad because someone is promoting you?" -- Billy

Kreayshawn beefs with Gangsta Boo.

"I don't even know why we're talking about this. This is something that shouldn't be happening." - Soren

Underground Society Vol. 1: F**k Tha Illuminati

"It's record breaking. One hundred artists from across the world. Seventy songs." - Billy

Jimmy Fallon And Justin Timberlake's "History Of Rap"

"I think they did this because they assume no Black people watch the show. ... That was embarrassing." -- Soren

"It's like karaoke style. So I definitely thought it was cool." -- Billy


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Kanye West photo credit: WireImage, Johnny Nunez

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