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The Aftermath Presents: Top 3 Songs About Healthy Eating

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The cause of death for late hip-hop icon Heavy D is still inconclusive, making his passing even more difficult to accept. Because some of the reports claim that the "Now That We Found Love" rapper was experiencing breathing problems when he collapsed on the day that he died, The Aftermath Presents decided to compile a list of pro-health hip-hop songs.

Soren Baker and I have enlisted the input from nutritionist Sherri Freeman to help us put the selected songs from A Tribe Called Quest, Boogie Down Productions, and Tech N9ne in the proper perspective.

If you're struggling to maintain the proper diet, we suggest putting this segment's songs on repeat.


A Tribe Called Quest
"Ham 'N' Eggs" (1990)

Boogie Down Productions
"Beef" (1990)

Tech N9ne f. Prozak and Brotha Lynch Hung
"My Favorites" (2011)


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Camera and video editing: Robert Gardner

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Billy Johnson Jr., Sherri Freeman, Soren Baker

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