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Beyoncé And Lady Gaga’s ‘Video Phone’ Parodied By Cubby

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WIBT96.1 FM personality Cubby has upped the ante. The heavyweight NorthCarolina DJ known for his comical remake of Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" videorecently created a parody of Beyoncé and Lady Gaga's "Video Phone" clip.

The die-hard Beyoncé fan could not resist remaking thisvideo by the "two strong individuals" who "worked it."

While Cubby ignored Beyoncé and Lady Gaga's lead and did notwaste any money on nonsense expenses such as special effects, couture costumes,hair styling or make up, he still managed to capture key elements of the muchtweeted video.

From his bedroom, the same set location for his "SingleLadies" video, Cubby perfectly nails the climactic black and white grandentrance that features a masked Beyoncé walking in slow motion with an all-maleSecret Service-like entourage in tow.

Without an entourage and just one camera angle, Cubby channelshis inner diva. Wearing the infamous black leotard and a mask, he struts justlike Beyoncé, successfully building anticipation for scenes to follow.


Cubby did invest in a few costume changes. He wears a white bodysuit and gloves for a dance sequence that features Beyoncé and Lady Gaga instrapless one pieces.

He interprets their choreographed chair sequence, evencrawling.

Cubby's morning show co-hosts at 96.1 FM encouraged him torecord a version of "Single Ladies" after discussing Justin Timberlake's "SingleLadies" skit on Saturday Night Live last year.

When attending Beyoncé's I Am... tour stop in Atlanta, a friend arranged for him to meet thesuperstar backstage. He wore the costume for the meeting and joked that sheshould have him come out on stage to show her a few moves.

When back in his seat, Beyoncé's hair stylist, assistant andcameraman approached him and told him that we would get to go on stage.

"It was probably the only out of body experience I everhad," Cubby said about being center stage with Beyoncé. "I just remember she'sgrabbing my hand, and thinking, 'Wow, I'm walking on stage with Beyonce.'"

Cubby's "Single Ladies" clip, which Beyoncé includes in avideo montage she played before the performance, has been streamed more than 27million times worldwide and featured on several television programs, including AndersonCooper's 360, Tyra, and the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson.

It has also landed him a commercial for new video game "JustDance For Wii." He hopes to one day land a role in a Tyler Perry movie. Hewould play any character Perry would require. "I do not care if I'm sitting ina seat in a mall," Cubby said. "I don't care as long as it's with Madea in it.That would be a dream come true."


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