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Beyoncé ‘Single Ladies’ Remakes Still Coming In

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You'd think that the remakes of Beyoncé's "Single Ladies(Put A Ring On It)" would die-down by now. It's been one year.

But the song is experiencing a second wind. Beyoncéperformed the anthem at award shows through late summer. Joe Jonas remade it inJune, and covers on "Glee" and now the new Alvin And The Chipmunks film havefollowed.

Maybe Kanye had a point? Is Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" one ofthe best videos of all time?

Here is a recap of some of the most memorable parodies ofthe short that took the MTV Video Music Award's Video Of The Year honor:


All The Chipmunks, Put Ya Hands Up

Looks like Beyoncé is theinspiration for yet another all-girl trio. "Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel"premieres a new sensation, The Chipettes that includes members Brittany,Jeanette, and Eleanor. The girls capture the attention of Alvin, Simon andTheodore, when the boys catch their salacious performance of Beyoné's "SingleLadies." I'd like to start a rumor that Matthew Knowles is in talks to managethem and to book their own Squeakquel and album. Good idea, right?


Glee Calls A Time Out

This hit FOX series hasrevolutionized the TV musical. Their interpretations of classics from Salt NPepa, Journey, and Queen are fodder for water cooler talk Thursday mornings.One of the most shocking remakes to date, not surprisingly, was their take on "SingleLadies." This one came in two parts. First, there was character Kurt runningthrough the number, all dressed up. Then, the jaw dropper came with Finn took atime out in the middle of a Football game to lead the team through the girliemoves. Good TV.


Joe Jonas Puts ALeotard On It

It's fair to say Joe Jonas tookthis one for the team. Two weeks prior to the release of the JoBros fourthstudio album, "Lines, Vines, And Trying Times," the middle Jonas got suited upin a full black body suit and put on his best "Single Ladies" impression. Blameit on noticeably uncomfortable pumps or simple lack of rhythm, but Joe'sstruggles to get through the choreography is good comedy to the tune of nearly14 million views. I think this should have earned him the right to release thegroup's first solo album. What's up with that Nick?


Beyonce And Justin Are Not N'Sync

After a week or so of web speculation that questioned the gender of one of Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" background dancers, Saturday Night Live proposed having Beyoncé participate in a related skit. In the bit, Beyoncé is surprised when she shows up for rehearsal and finds three male background dancers, clad in leotards and pumps, and seriously lacking talent. Justin plays one of the guys.


If Beyonce Was A Boy Her Name Would Be Shane Mercado

Shane's interpretation is one of the most popular versions on the internet, having received more than 1 million views and prompting coverage on various news outlets. He even performed live on the Bonnie Hunt show. It is shocking to watch him in bikini bottoms dancing in perfect sync with the video.


Cubby Wants To Put A Ring On It

If you haven't already seen the clip of Cubby in his XXXL leotard get ready. This funny guy who happens to be an on air personality for Charlotte, North Carolina's 96.1 The Beat AM based his parody on the Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake SNL skit. Stomach-licious is probably the best way to describe it. His video lead to a meet and greet with the singer and ultimately, an opportunity to join her on stage at a show stop in Atlanta. Needless to say, Cubby continues to make his own version's of Beyoncé's video. Watch his latest, his spin on Lady Gaga collab "Video Phone."


Arianna: Destiny's Newest Child

I am freaked out to see this adorable toddler in a pink onesie diligently working to copy Beyonce's every provocative move. Fortunately, Little Miss Arianna embodies such innocence that she simply comes off as cute. But you can believe that my daughter won't be learning the dance.


"Single Ladies" Gets Animated

Only a mega star would warrant having their likeness duped for an animated series. So props to Beyoncé for having the "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" video covered by Greg from Chardon, an online South Park parody. Do not hesitate checking it out, as Greg is just as politically incorrect as his wannabe pals from the controversial Comedy Central series from which Chardon received its inspiration. And yes, Greg is wearing the anatomically correct leotard.

Big Girls Don't Cry 

It doesn't take long to figure out why these three video vixens are wearing red horns on their heads. Their naughty rendition just might cost them a visit from Santa Claus tonight. Still, they demonstrate that the big girls also know how to rub a hot new fling into an exes' face. Don't miss the climatic ending. Here's a hint: One of these bad mama jammas drops it like it's hot, and it is steaming. 


The Gwen Verdon/Bob Fosse version

It was only fair that Beyoncé would get her own Bob Fosse version. Watch as the "Single Ladies" music plays underneath archive performance footage of Gwen Verdon and two backup dancers. Beyoncé was inspired to make her own barebones dance video after seeing this same Verdon video atop of DJ Unk's "Walk It Out."

Lelia Makes Acoustic Version

While everyone else has focused on the dance, young singer songwriter Lelia Broussard put her emphasis on the song. Here she plays a soft, live acoustic version on her guitar. The South Louisiana native, who is not related to Marc Broussard, is no amateur. She has a publishing deal with Universal/Rondor Music and has already released a couple CDs, waiting on the 9, is her latest. Hopefully, covering this Beyonce track will help generate her even more exposure.

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