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Beyonce Blushes During George Michael’s “If I Were A Boy” Duet

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I probably have more Beyonce jokes than anybody you know. But even still, I can't deny the effort she puts into her stage show.

Beyonce pulled off a big one Tuesday at her last night of her I AM tour run at London's O2.

For her encore performance of her No. 1 hit "If I Were A Boy," Beyonce brought on stage icon George Michael for a duet that had her gushing. Beyonce typically performs in Sasha Fierce mode. Her facial expressions are nearly emotionless and stone-faced as she zones out to get into her alter ego.

But for this rendition, the former Destiny's Child front woman breaks character as she stands next to the "Careless Whisper" singer. Dressed in a futurist Amazon costume and dark sunglasses like she wears with her police uniform in the "If I Were A Boy" video, Beyonce can't help smiling and blushing as she watches Michael sing the lyrics to her song.

Within seconds, Beyonce lets the tough girl act dissipate and even takes off her shades before turning to sing the track face to face with Michael.

It's cool to see Beyonce get this excited about the show. It's was also a clever song choice for Michael. Since the lyrics of "If I Were A Boy" explore a role reversal between a man and woman and all the double standards that come with it, it was fun to see a male's vocal interpretation of the words. The fact that Michael is openly gay makes it that much cooler.

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