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Beyonce, Janet, & Ciara, Can I Show You Something?

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Beyonce, Janet, and Ciara, have you seen Madonna's new video "Celebration?"

Ah-hem. She is older than all of you. She just turned 51a couple weeks ago. But you wouldn't know it by watching her new video.

All the blogs are talking about her kissing her young shirtless boyfriend, Jesus Luz. Come on folks. Madonna kissing a guy in a video is not news. Did you see the Video Music Awards a couple years ago when she kissed both Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera on stage?

However, I can't condemn my peers for noting the clip's cameo from Madonna's daughter Lourdes. The 12-year-old cutie makes her way to the center of the dance circle, and busts some funky, hip-hop moves that include a backbend that morphs into a flip. I guess the mini contortionist has been joining Mom's yoga sessions.

What has my attention in this video is Madonna's Redbull energy. She is getting down. I'm talking "Soul Train"-back-in-the-'70s-and-'80s style.

I bet this video was not choreographed. I think someoneon the set just hit the play button and let the CD spin. Madonna just gotbusy.

Janet, I never would have thought that Madonna could takeyou in a dance off, but she's getting you right now. Please come back. It's nottoo late. But it's been three albums. You've got to go all or nothing movingforward.

Beyonce, "Single Ladies," was huge, no doubt. A millionpeople mimicked it. But it still looked like an aerobics video to me.

Ciara, actually, you're holding down the dance front. So Ireally can't say anything about you. But just keep on pushing 'cause if Madonna can move like this, you are going to need to do back flips andjump off of buildings to impress me. She is twice your age.

You guys will thank me later.

The only one giving Madonna competition on the dancefloor isShakira. I can't even go into details right now. But if have not seen her video for "She Wolf" where she dances in a steel cage, you need to check out thispost from my fellow Y! Music blogger, Chris Willman. He breaks it down.

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