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Brandy On Whitney Houston’s Self-Titled Debut: Black Music Month Album Spotlight #15

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WhitneyHouston's self-titleddebut greatly impacted R&B-rooted pop music in 1985. It takes the #15spot on Yahoo! Music's 30 Most Significant Albums In Black Music History list.


Whitney Houston
Arista (1995)

If Whitney's debut album only had one good song, "GreatestLove Of All," the 10-track record would still make this list. Whitneyscored three #1 songs from this album, the aforementioned "Greatest ...," "SavingAll Of Love For You," and "HowWill I Know." Whitney's voice was piercing and soothing as she deliveredundeniable pop and soul ballads as well as then-modern funky dance tracks. Thealbum sold more than 10 million copies.

Inspired Brandy: The first Whitney Houston CD was genius. That CD introducedthe world to her angelic yet powerful voice. Without Whitney half of this generationof singers wouldn't be singing."

About Whitney: WhitneyHouston changed the face of pop music with her 1985 entry, and held on to thatprominent positioning for nearly a decade. The daughter of gospel singer CissyHouston and niece of Dionne Warwick, Whitney had the looks, talent and music to secureher positioning in the music history books. In the early '90s, she foundsuccess as an actress, starring in WaitingTo Exhale and The Bodyguard. Thesoundtrack for the latter included a cover of Dolly Parton's "I Will AlwaysLove You" that broke another record for Whitney, making the set thebest-selling movie score of all time. Whitney made a come back in 2009 aftertaking a 7-year hiatus amidst a nasty bout with drugs. (Full Bio)

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