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Chris Brown Disputes Rihanna Claim On ’20/20′

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Friday night's Robin Roberts' "20/20"interview with ChrisBrown only had one shocking revelation. Chris had a correction for DianeSawyer's interview with Rihannalast month.

When Diane asked Rihanna for her reaction to Chris' apologyrecord "Changed Man," Rihanna said she had not heard the song. Chris arguedthat her statement was not true.

"I'm not trying to say, call her any liar or anything likethat," Chris told Robin. "I played the song for her when I first wrote it. Andshe cried."

The song was written a month after the February incident.

Otherwise Chris' "20/20" interview offered anticipatedrebuttals to Rihanna's Q&A.

When asked if Rihanna's description that he "blacked out"during the altercation was accurate, Chris evaded the direct question and simplyoffered an apology.

He said the awkwardness of his YouTube apology video was theresult of several days of intense media prep.

He acknowledged that he understood that the mental scarsfrom domestic abuse are much more lasting than the physical bruises.

The domestic violence course he is required to take as partof his sentence for the assault is helping him deal with relationship issues,including jealously and insecurity. "It teaches you how to be responsible forwho you are," he said.

The public criticism and scrutiny he has experienced hastaught him something about himself. "I am now able to see who I am as aperson," Chris said. "It just shaped me to be a better young black male."

Chris' "Graffitti" album will be released on December 8.

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