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Chris Brown Diss Song Incorrectly Credited To Two Groups

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There is confusion regarding which artists recorded theChris Brown diss track "My Flow So Tight." Last week the song was widelyreported to have been made by a rap group named Smoke Jumpers.

While this report was accurate, it sparked a two foldproblem.

Two rap groups have been performing under the Smoke Jumpersmoniker. There is a five-man Chicago rap group,and a four-man garage hip-hop collective from Austin.

As the song with lyrics advocating that pop singer ChrisBrown be beat up for his alleged attack on Rihanna quickly spread across theinternet and traditional radio outlets, listeners sought out both acts.

This was good news for the four man Chicago outfit that is actually responsiblefor the track.

But it was possibly inadvertently even better news for the Austin act that benefitedfrom the free publicity.

WildCard, a member of the Austin group, noticed mid last week that the songplays on its MySpace page increased significantly and he could not attribute thespiked activity to any recent promotions.

When he and his business partner Sach figured out that agroup with the same name had recorded a song bashing Chris Brown theyimmediately searched for the Chicagogroup and emailed them about the confusion.

"We hit them with an email Thursday and Friday morning theygot back to us," WildCard tells Hip Hop Media Training.

After some back and forth, the Chicago group agreed to change its name toJump Smokers. The Austinteam has held the Smoke Jumpers name longer.

"I have the ultimate level of respect for them and how theyhandled it," WildCard says about the newly renamed Jump Smokers. "There is noill will on either side. I even suggested that maybe we should [collaborate]."

WildCard and Sach address the mix up in a webcam clip,explaining that anyone looking for the creators of the anti-Breezy song shouldlook elsewhere.

"I'm not mad at these boys from Chicago getting all this buzz with thislittle song talking about Chris Brown and Rihanna," WildCard says in the video."Personally, I could care less about Chris Brown and Rihanna and all the dramathat goes on with them. ... That's not my style."

WildCard's group is a collective of MCs who collaborate onprojects and also record individually. They have been working together since2004.

WildCard has no complaints about the extra attention hisclique has received. "The silver lining is that people have been figuring itout and jammed to our music."

People have told the Smoke Jumpers that even though they didnot turn out to be who they thought they were they loved their music. "Peoplewere actually paying attention," WildCard says.

The Jump Smokers' song "My Flow So Tight" is reactingquickly. Last week the song registered its first radio plays on 15 stationsacross the nation. Monday that number of stations had grown to 66.

The Jump Smokers made the song because they felt celebritieswere not speaking out about Chris Brown's alleged attack on Rihanna. The chorussuggests turning the tables on Brown. "My flow so tight, my flow so sick, ChrisBrown should get his a-kicked," the group raps.

Proceeds from the song currently available on iTunes willbenefit multiple women's organizations.

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