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Chris Brown Dissed In Rap Song

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Chris Brown plead not guilty Monday tofelony charges that he attacked and threatened his pop stargirlfriend, AP reports.

Brown has only made one public statement since the February8 incident that left Rihanna battered and bruised. Then, Brown only said he was"saddened" by what had transpired and was seeking the counseling of his pastorand mother.

If Brown is convicted of the felony charges he could facethe likes of probation or up to five years in jail.

An up andcoming rap group has a different opinion about Brown's innocence.

The Jump Smokers has recorded an electronic hip-hop record"My Flow So Tight" that suggests that Brown himself deserves to be beaten. Thesong's chorus is simple and matter of fact: "My flow so tight and the beat sosick Chris Brown should get his a- kicked."

Last week 15 rhythmic, CHR and rap radio stations in citiessuch as Los Angeles, Sacramento, New York and Houston have played the dissrecord.

The lyrics stay on topic, arguing that a boy who hits a girlshould be "taken down" and that Brown should "come clean and tell the truth."

Jump Smokers member C.W. Griz said the group recorded thesong because celebrities were not speaking out about the alleged incident. "Iwas really upset with the way a lot of celebrities and people were handling thesituation," C.W. Griz told the New YorkDaily News. "Not enough people were speaking out against Chris Brown. Whathe did was a thousand percent wrong."

C.W. Griz added that recording the song was not anopportunistic gesture on behalf of the group. "We're not trying to take advantageof a horrible situation," he said. "We want to take a positive stance."

Last month, Wu-Tang member Ghostface Killah also released asong about the incident. His track "Song For Rihanna" sends encouraging wordsto women who have been beaten by their boyfriends.

Ghostface tells the story of a girl so blinded by love thatshe misses and ignores the cues of a relationship gone awry. He dismisses theactions of a male abuser as qualities of "young boy" behavior.

Various blogs and tabloids have reported that Brown has beendepressed since the mishap. I interviewed him early in his career, even writinghis first cover story for Vibe magazine. I was glad that he was bringing muchneeded positive light to R&B music. I absolutely feel compassion for himduring this time.

However, I believe that we all are responsible for ouractions and have to be prepared to deal with any consequences that they mightprovoke. So if he is guilty of physically assaulting Rihanna, he has to bear the repercussions. And frankly public scrutiny is nothing compared to theridicule Rihanna has received not to mention the emotional scars that willhaunt her for years to come.

Hopefully, all involved parties and those on the outside lookingin will learn a valuable lesson from this tragedy.

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