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Chris Brown Song Used For Wedding Processional Music

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Choreographed dance has long been commonplace at weddings. I can't think of a wedding I've been to in the last 20 years that didn't have an obligatory run of the Electric Slide or the Soul Train Line. But this usually happens at the reception.

The newly wed Kevin and Jill Heinz are on their way to viral video superstardom, inspired by Chris Brown's hit "Forever" to rewrite the rules of the wedding processional. The couple who were married in what appears to be a traditional church in Saint Paul, Minnesota used Chris' disco pop song for the entrance of the bridal party. The bride even shunned the "Bridal Chorus (Here Comes The Bride)" to bounce down aisle to the Chris' hip-hop track.

It reminds of me the Jazz & Jewel wedding episode of the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. They skipped in to the Floaters' "Float On." The Heinz' nuptials features the shocked, but participatory onlookers, rhythm deficient male dancers and a bride and groom who clearly could not be more suited for each other.

If anyone gets a hold of footage from the reception, let me know. I bet there was some hardcore breakdancing going on, head spins and all.

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