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Chris Brown Spazzes Out On Twitter

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Whoa! Anyone have thenumber to Chris Brown's anger management counselor? I think he needs to vent. Well,I guess he just sorta did.

He tweeted a coupleprofanity-laced rants on his Twitter page Friday, suggesting that his album,"Graffiti," released Tuesday, has been blacklisted.

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The 20-year-old singerhas had a tough year, working to recover from the controversy surrounding his February8 assault of his former girlfriend Rihanna.

"im tired of this sh*t,"Brown posted on his MechanicalDummy Twitter page. "major stores r blackballingmy cd. not stockin the shelves and lying to costumers. what the f*ck do i gottado..."

After realizing theseverity and shock of his rant, he reinforced his comment. "WTF... yeah i saidit and i aint retracting sh*t," he continued. "I'm not biting my tongue aboutsh*t else...the industry can kiss my a**."

He also lashed out aspeople who send him negative comments. "for those who r constantly tweeting mewit bullsh*t... hop off my ****.. urlife is pointless."

Chris did thank his fansfor their support and acknowledged that their efforts do not go unnoticed.

After a couple hours heoffered an apology to his young fans. "honestly, sorry for all the cursing," hewrote.

I don't know if there isany truth to his album being blacklisted.

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But a couple weeks ago, Iwondered if this would be the case. While his fans have been extremelysupportive throughout the ordeal, it didn't appear to me that he was gettingthe same support from the music industry.

He did not participate inthe BET Awards' Michael Jackson tribute. He did not attend the Kid's ChoiceAwards, MTV Movie or Video Music Awards, or the American Music Awards.

When I heard that hissong with Timbaland was removed from Timbaland's "Shock Value II" album due toa mutually creative decision, I wondered how the promotional opportunities forhis album might be affected.

But when I spoke toexperts from Billboard magazine, BigChampagne, Amoeba Music, and Hits, I wasenlightened to find out that the traction leading up to Chris' album lookedgood.

In particular, the floormanager at Amoeba Music anticipated that they would have more Chris Brownrecords than usual to accommodate the holiday music sales.

The music insidersanticipated that Chris was doing just as well as ever.

I guess we'll see how hedebuts next Wednesday.

But he is apparentlyalarmed.

It is unfortunate,however, that he has spoken out this way.

It just doesn't lookgood. Considering his attack on Rihanna was supposedly an explosive outburst,this rant just feeds into the speculation.

Chill out Chris.

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