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Chris Brown Starts Community Labor, Releases Promo Videos

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ChrisBrown usually isn't distracted when girls scream at him while he works. Thecheers must egg him on. Those reactions encourage him to pop-lock harder,moonwalk cleaner, or even bust a back flip.

Chris knows that his adoring female fans want to see himperform his best.

But he seemed a bit awkward Wednesday when a lady's voice calledout to him in the midst of his first day of communitylabor at the police horse stables in Richmond, Virginia.

While using a rake to dig up weeds, Chris nervously flinchedwhen a woman yelled, interrupting him. He immediately turned to find thecaller, and playfully tossed the rake from hand to hand.

Chris appeared unnerved as the news cameras continued tocollect footage of him cleaning as armed police supervised. This is a differenttype of paparazzi for the 20-year-old pop star already accustomed to performingfor thousands of concertgoers.

During his interview with LarryKing a few weeks ago, Chris said he did not object to his 180 communitylabor sentence. He described himself as a hard worker, who was up to thechallenge. But he thought that his services could be of better use to the city.He suggested talking to troubled teens.

I laughed as I watched the clips. I laughed because I got tosee Chris Brown being reprimanded for his assault on his former girlfriend Rihanna.

But in all honesty, I didn't just laugh because of thecelebrity factor. If I saw someone I knew doing community labor as a means torepay the city for an infraction, I would also find it funny.

Depending on the individual, this public community labor canabsolutely be considered a form of humiliation. But I think it is a good idea.

It can't be any less embarrassing than it was for Rihanna togo in public after the photo of her bruised face was circulated over theinternet.

I think this aspect of Chris' sentence is one that he willnot want to do again. It will make him think twice before he repeats theoffense.

Still, Chris has to spend five years on probation, attend a52-week course on domestic abuse, and stay away from Rihanna for the entiretyof the sentence.

Hopefully, Chris' experience will deter other domesticviolence perpetrators from committing violence crimes.

Ironically, one of the men shown pacing the field is wearinga t-shirt that reads, Stop Teen Violence.

Aside from Chris' legal woes, he has been easing back intohis music career.

Chris makes a cameo in the new Keri Hilson video "SlowDance," and teams with hot newcomer Ester Dean for their explosive collab, "Dropit Low."

The trailer for Chris' new movie, Takers, hit theinternet this week. The heist flick also co-stars Matt Dillon, Idris Elba, andT.I.

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