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Chris Brown’s ‘Monster’ Response A Bad Idea

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Apparentlythree-in-a-half months of public silence were too much for Chris Brown. TuesdayChris, charged in the February 8 assault of his girlfriend Rihanna, addressedhis fans in a video message that appears on YouTube.


Chrisspends the majority of the 37 second clip updating his fans on his new album inthe works, but also makes sure to briefly and vaguely address the controversy.

"Everybody'sthat's haters, they just been haters," Chris says in the dimly lit video. "Allmy real fans, I love you all. I ain't a monster."

WhileChris has received tremendous support from fans who maintain his innocence, hehas lost an endorsement deal with Wrigley's and has avoided the limelight.

Inthe video Chris announces the name of his new album in the works. "I just wannasay 'What's up?' because I ain't been out there in a minute. New album will becoming soon. We're working on it right now. Called Graffiti. Got everything on it, know what I'm saying? I'll be readyfor that. I'm about to drop a single this summer for y'all. So we ain't goingnowhere."

I canonly imagine how Chris feels. He goes from clean cut image to that of anotorious alleged woman beater. A couple weeks after the incident he released abrief statement via his publicist in which he expressed sadness for what hadtranspired, saying he was seeking counseling. Since, he continues to be doggedin the media. The Chicago-based hip-hop group the Jump Smokers made a popular songthat suggests he be beaten. I know that all of this has to be troubling him.Resisting the urge to respond has to be unbearable.

Hesays so little in this video that it seems harmless. But it is hard to imagethat recording this response met the approval of his attorneys, publicists andmanager.

Heneeds to devote all of his energy to trying to get through this ordeal. Recordingan emotional video only contributes more speculation as onlookers have anopportunity to analyze his words, body language, tone or presence of remorse.

Iknow he is anxious to get back out on the scene. But he's got to be patient. Heis in the midst of an intense legal matter with severe allegations.

Chris,continue to work on your music. But don't release video updates. You could bemaking matters worse. It's not worth the risk.

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