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Could Chamillionaire’s ‘Good Morning’ Spark An Anti-Dis Rap Trend

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Nothing beats a good hip-hop dis record. There is somethingabout the energy between the feuding artists that births some of their mostcreative, comical yet ruthless material.


But in all honestly, since the rivalry fueled deaths of theNotorious and Tupac, I've been concerned that rappers take the heated exchangestoo seriously.

Texas lyricist Chamillionaire tries anappreciated reverse approach to battle rapping on his latest single, "GoodMorning," the first song from his album, "Venom," due out February 2.

Instead of attacking a nemesis, Chamillionaire pledges to"send all his haters love." He opens the chorus with a sincere charismatic"Good morning haters" before crediting Ice Cube's like-minded '90s favorite "ItWas A Good Day" as an influence.

The video finds Chamillionaire consumed by his lavishhip-hop star lifestyle. He's surrounded by beautiful women, drives a fancysports car, and is lauded by handlers and media.

He is a bit too thankful for the great things happening in his life to be distracted by naysayers.

We could use more hip-hop songs like this.

Chamillionaire, whose track "Ridin'"was parodied by WeirdAl and transformed to "White& Nerdy," isn't the first rapper in recent years to take a differentapproach to spewing steam.

Last year, New York rapper Maino released a song literallycalled "Hi Haters"that conveyed the same sentiment. Maino's record had more of a street edge andeven included an All-Star remixfeaturing the likes of Swizz Beatz, T.I., Plies, Jadakiss, and Fabolous.

Hopefully, these tracks will spark an anti-dis rap trend.

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