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Diddy’s Dirty Money Group Starts Off Nice & Easy

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Diddy is a member of a new group, Dirty Money, which includeshimself, Dawn from Danity Kane, and singer-songwriter Kaleena. They justreleased the first single from their album, "Last Train To Paris," due out inMarch 2010.

The video "Angles" features vocals from the late NotoriousB.I.G. Diddy is known for making party records, but this track isn't thebubbling, dance floor anthem he normally makes.

"Angels" is more about the mood and groove. The soft drumtaps, humming baseline, and infrequent piano keystrokes are coupled withDiddy's Auto-Tune singing, and accentuated background vocals from Dawn andKaleena. Biggie's sharp, quick-witted raps are the icing.

It feels more like early '90s British soul or even Madonna's"Justify My Love" than Diddy's last solo album hit "Last Night," featuringKeyshia Cole.

When Diddy announced the group in July, he said that hehad taken inspiration from Soul II Soul and Loose Ends. However, instead ofstructuring the group around two men and a woman, he changed things around.

"Our sound together is forward, refreshing, new, not likeeverything on the radio," Diddy said in the video interview.

Diddy started out recording "Last Train To Paris" as a soloalbum addressing finding love, losing it, and rediscovering it again. But hedecided that having female voices on board would help him more accurately tellthe story. "I couldn't just tell a males point of view," he said.

Diddy also clarified the name Dirty Money does not embodythe negative connotations associated with the slang phrase. "It is not about nodrug money, no illegal money, or anything negative," Diddy said. "Dirty Moneyis a look, sound, feel, a movement, a crew."

The group also released another song, "LoveCome Down," that is more of a dance record. The song's hypnotic chimes andcowbells offer a nice compliment to their laidback vocals.

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