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Drake’s ‘Best’ Video Is Kanye’s Worst

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On the video front, I've been givingKanye props since "Through The Wire." I thought it was incrediblydope how he told the story of his near fatal car accident through video footageand photos of his recovery.

He did it again with the video for"All Falls Down" featuring ageless beauty Stacey Dash as he rappedabout being shallow and navigated through the video without ever really beingon camera.

When I got to the third version of"Jesus Walks," the one that has a modern day Jesus wearing a crown ofthorns, sandals and holy tunic, I stood up at my computer and applauded. 

I have several more to add to thelist--"Flashing Lights," John Legend's "Ordinary People,"and my favorite "Touch The Sky."

Though Kanye's ego bothers me, he isreally good at what he does.

I just have one question, though: Whywould Kanye give Drake such a horrible video for "Best I Ever Had"? (See Craig Rosen's The New Now blog on Drake.)

Consider this: Lil' Wayne, Jay-Z, Nas, and Eminem, among others,have gone on record to give Drake props. Even without a record deal "BestI Ever Had" has warranted major radio support and the song achieves thisby uplifting a woman.

Let me say this again, slowly--"u-p-l-i-f-t-i-n-g--a--w-o-m-a-n."

You know the song with the lyric, "...withno make up on, that's when you're the prettiest, I hope that you don't takethis wrong"?

Kanye did not have to do a storybooktreatment that may have been perceived as corny. But why would he take thatsong and make it worse than every other gratuitous rap video?

In the clip, coach Drake's preps his allgirl basketball team of baby-oiled video vixens who nearly bounce out of their tanktops and are eager to put on their short shorts just as long as Drake tellsthem they are the best.

What is thepoint? When the girls go head up against some real ball players they loose miserably.In the end Drake just looks like a short-sighted perv.

Now if Kanye wanted to hold on to thistreatment and release it as the "The New Workout Plan Part 2," I'd be finewith it. That would actually make sense.

But please tell me this is not the realDrake video. Drake's set up has been too good. He deserves to come better thanthis.

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