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Eminem And Jay-Z Perform For DJ Hero Event

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Eminem figured out how to make folks in L.A. stop talking about Sunday's MTV MovieAwards stunt that left him the butt of a bad Sasha Cohen Bruno joke.

The controversial rapper whose album Relapse debuted at No. 1 last week, selling more than 600,000copies, joined fellow superstar Jay-Z to perform a secret show to promote theirmusical contributions to DJ Hero, a hip-hop version of Activision game GuitarHero.

The two rappers shared the stage during the encore ofJay-Z's opening 40 minute set. Ironically, after delivering his popular Linkin Parkmash up "Encore," Jay exited the stage only to return to perform "Renegade."

A friend asked me if I thought this song would be Em's cueto enter the stage, considering Em produced it and is featured on the trackfrom Jay-Z's Blueprint album. Surely Em emerges, sending thecrowd over the top. Seeing the two celebrated MCs together is an otherwise rareevent.

Then the show segued into Eminem's 30 minute segment thatincluded Relapse hits "We Made You,'""3 AM," and his verse from "Crack The Bottle." Though Eminem seemed a bitfatigued at times, he kept up his energy level while rapping some of hisclassics like "Lose Yourself," which closed the show. Still his performance timefelt brief in comparison to Jay-Z's run.

Jay-Z offered a nice mixture of songs from his catalog. Heperformed many of his most popular records "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)," "99 Problems,""Dirt Off Your Shoulders" and "Jigga What, Jigga Who?" and didn't feel rushed.

It was great to have two rappers of this caliber cometogether for a private event.

Both artists will release with DJ Hero a compilation albumthat will greatest hits and special song mixes.

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