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Eminem Sends Mariah Defamatory “Warning”

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Eminem we believe you.

Over the last 10 years, I've heard both sides of the story.

I really believe that you and Mariah had something going onat some point. I am not suggesting that I know how serious things got. I'm notsaying that I believe your accounts that you and Mariah were intimate. I wasn'tthere. And Dude, that is not my business. I don't need or want to know.

But you can't take it personal that Mariah denies that youhad a relationship. You have to be careful about how you approach this. Mariahhas successfully depicted you as a psychopath, and you continue to feed intoit.

After denying that you guys ever dated, Mariah released asong and video that claimed that someone is "Obsessed" with her. She put justenough info in the song to make people suspect that you are the obsessed person.

Em, Mariah's "Obsessed" is a great video, and it worked.

Then what do you do? You fall into the trap. You blow up. Gonuts and release "The Warning" that says admittedly embarrassing things aboutyourself as a means to prove the nature of your relationship with Mariah.

You threaten to release photos and audio tapes as furtherproof.

Eminem, let me say this again, "WE BELIEVE YOU."

Please relax. Mariah and her girlfriends are giggling aboutCrazy Boy (that's you) and sipping champagne.

She will deny everything until the end. She can do this inher sleep. She's got a solid poker face.

Even though you are upset that high class, superstar MariahCarey won't admit that she hung out with the kid from the 8 mile, you don'thave to resort to divulging such personal business.

The lower you drop the bar, the more indecent it makes youlook. You are still a guy who is publicly defaming a woman. That never goesover well.

Em, to tell your circle of friends about you and Mariah isone thing. That is bad enough. But to make a record describing the details of your relationship with a woman and then put her name on it is notcool.

At the end of the day, Mariah is still a woman. Despite howmuch she upset you, you don't need to take it there. You have a daughter that Iknow you love more than anything. The last thing you want is for some guy to evershow your daughter such a public display of disrespect.

Marshall,it does not matter that Mariah won't admit to seeing you.You've done good for yourself. It's really no big deal. Whydoes the public need to know who you have dated anyway?

Let it go. Holding on to it makes you look "Obsessed."

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