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Erykah Badu Video Gets Spoofed On ‘The Wanda Sykes Show’

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ErykahBadu received a surprise Saturday when she appeared on The Wanda Sykes Show. Afterdiscussing her controversial video "Window Seat" in which the singer disrobesin Dallas' Dealey Plaza, the site of the assassination of President John F.Kennedy, Sykes presented Badu with a parody of the video.

Titled, "Middle Seat," Sykes, who is dressed like Badu, singsabout the discomforts of sitting in the center as she walks down a busy street,undressing.

Sykes' character has trouble removing her overcoat andhoodie, and eventually trips and hits her head on the ground when attempting totake off her pants. When Badu falls in the original, the words "Group Think"bleed from her head. In Sykes' clip, the word "Ow!" oozes out.


Badu laughed while watching Sykes' remake. "That's dope,"Badu said after the one-minute video. "You know what? In the tradition ofperformance art, I think it's beautiful because that's funny."

On Friday, AP reported that Badu would be fined $500 fordisorderly conduct for appearing nude in public.

An alternate version of the video is now available on ErykahBadu.com. In "Window Seat Reverse,"the footage is played backwards. The vocal opens with Badu's commentary aboutgroup think before the song begins.

Badu is a good sport. Sykes' version is hilarious.

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