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Flav’s Fried Chicken Shuts Doors After 4 Months In Business

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Grand opening. Grand closing. Flavor Flav and formerrestaurant partner Nick Cimino closed the doors to their Clinton, Iowaeatery, FFC, over the weekend after just four months in business.

The Public Enemy rap star said he abandoned the companybecause he wasn't happy with Nick's business operations. "The reason why Ipulled my license [is] because there was a lot of employees that wasn't gettingpaid," Flav told WQAD.


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Last month, several employees claimed that their FFCpaychecks had bounced.

Flav said he was concerned about his reputation. "I gavethis man permission to take my name and my life and operate a business," hesaid. "I have to do whatever possible for me to save my name. And the only waythat I can save my name is to shut the business down because Nick Cimino is notrunning the business right."

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel in February, Flav saidhe planned to open up another restaurant in Las Vegas. Nick accuses Flav of trying tosteal his idea.

"I started this from the menu to color of the way of thebuilding to the sign from everything," Nick told WQAD. "What Flav is doing,he's a fraud. He does not want to be hurt with the other [ventures] that's he'sdoing, and he gonna want to become a millionaire off of my dime, off my ideas."

Nick said he is glad to no longer be in business with the "FlavorOf Love" realty TV dating show star. "I'm not doing this because of my 40percent," Nick said. "I could care less. I'm just glad that I'm freed fromsomebody like Flavor Flav."

Nick and Flav teamed up after meeting at Mama Cimino's, a Las Vegas establishment ownedby Nick's brother, Peter. The pizzeria sold Flavor Flav's 99-cent wings.

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Photo credit: Kevin E. Schmidt, The Quad CityTimes

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