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Forget About Lil Kim, Nicki Goes After The Pop Girls With ‘Super Bass’

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Months ago, when VH1 asked MC Lyte about the Lil Kim andNicki Minaj feud, she offered a curve ball response. She said that it wasn'tLil Kim, per say, who should be concerned about Nicki Minaj's emergence. Shethought it was pop girls who rap - Fergie, Nelly Fertado, and Gwen Stefani -who should be worried.

"Nicki is coming out to win," Lyte said."And she's not thinking of the block or the city so she's more able to handlewhat it takes right now to be an international star."

After watching Nicki's video for her new single, "SuperBass," I now understand what MC Lyte meant.



Missy Elliott, Lauryn Hill, and Salt-N-Pepa definitely foundpop chart successes over the course of their careers. But it was because theirrap songs crossed over and reached mainstream audiences. Their music helpedredefine pop, but they didn't necessarily make pop records.

Nicki's "Super Bass," co-written by Ester Dean, is a bonafidetop 40 song that could have easily been recorded by Fergie. The lyrics aboutfinding the perfect guy are bubblegum and tongue-in-cheek. The music is asplayful as Miley Cyrus's "Party In The U.S.A."

It's no wonder Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and KendallKardashian have all uploaded videos of themselves singing along to the song.

But the video is going to push this one over the edge. Withalternating pink backdrops, curly pink-wigged Barbie background dancers, wadingpool filled with pink water, a flattering pink and white body suit, and variousice sculptures, Nicki raises her stock as opener on Britney Spear's FemmeFatale Tour. Perfect timing.

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