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Game On Tyler The Creator: ‘He Dissed Me On My Own Record’

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The reaction to Game's fourth set, "The R.E.D.Album," has been strong. On Wednesday it made its debut as the #1 album inthe country, selling 96,000 copies.

While Game's lead single, "Pot Of Gold" featuringChris Brown is a crossover smash, there's another song that has been creating abuzz: "Martians Vs Goblins," a collaboration with Odd Future's TylerThe Creator and Lil Wayne.

On "Martians Vs Goblins," Game sought to outwit Tyler, the 20-year-old shock MC whose mother freaked outSunday when he won VMA's Best New Artist award, an honor that has promptedcomplaints from GLAAD because of Tyler'shomophobic lyrics.

Game is a confrontational, boisterous rapper himself, but hesaid he intensified his rhymes for this song. In one fictional verse, Game rapsabout tying Rihanna up with intestines and throwing her body in front of atrain.

"All I did was inherit Tyler's style of rhyming, which is that 'Idon't give a f-k, throw everybody under the bus f-kin' flow.' That's how heraps and that's basically what I did," Game told Hip Hop Media Training."Before he delivered his verse, I tried to basically anticipate it in mindto try to overkill mine so even if he said something crazy, my sh-t was stillcrazy."

So who ended up with the most sickest verse?

"Tyler'sverse is a little bit more crazier and messier than my two combined 'cause he'sf-kin' crazy," Game said.

Probably the biggest surprise was Tyler's comical dig at Game, whose real nameis Jayceon Taylor. Tylerrapped, "Wolf Gang, we rock, crack rock and that sh-t was expected, likeJayceon whenever he name-drop."

When Tylermakes the comment in the song, Game interjects, "F-k you Tyler." Therookie MC goes on to actually give the West Coast vet props for featuring himon the track.

Game said he isn't upset, though: "Yeah, he dissed meon my own record, and I got so much love for him I couldn't even whoop his ass."

Game goes in even more detail about the behind-the-scenes ofthe record in his newly released book, "The Making Of Game's The R.E.D.Album." In the digital book that reached #5 on Amazon's Digital Music Book Chart, heexplains how the song "Drug Test," originally intended for Dr. Dre's"Detox," ended up on "The R.E.D. Album." The title was written with respected hip hop journalist Soren Baker.

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