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Hip-Hop Chess Federation Fuses Music, Chess And Martial Arts

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Two hundred and fifty people expected to attend the Hip-Hop Chess Federation's WestCoast Kings & Queens Tournament in San Francisco Saturday will learn about the real life persona behind the queen figure in the game of chess.

The influential fifteenth century queen Queen Isabella of Castile will be one of the topicsdiscussed during the "All Queens Life Strategies" panel featured at the eighthHHCF tournament that fuses music, chess and martial arts topromote unity, strategy, and non-violence.

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After Queen Isabella was crowned in 1475, the chess queenfigure also gained a higher ranking, becoming the most powerful player in thegame.

HHCF Founder and CEO Adisa Banjoko found Queen Isabella'sstory so encouraging that he wanted to address it at the free event takingplace at John O'Connell High School from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Banjoko sought out "Birthof the Chess Queen" author Marilyn Yalom to sit on the "All Queens LifeStrategies" panel alongside female rappers Conscious Daughters and Melina Jones,DJ Pam, as well as Jean Hoffman from the nonprofit chess educationalorganization 9 Queens.

"Marilyn's presence will help us fuse classical history andcontemporary culture," Banjoko said about the senior scholar at Standford'sInstitute for Women and Gender. "The HHCF wants these girls to learn how tomake thinking and acting like a queen a daily habit."

Other confirmed guests include Rakaa Iriscience from DilatedPeoples, Ray Luv, Traxamillion, Casual from Hieroglyphics, Balance and Big Rich,and KMEL Street Soldiers DJ Malcolm Marshall.

In addition to the traditional rated chess tournament, theday will also include celebrity chess matches, martial arts exhibitions,graffiti art battles, and b-boy ciphers.

Wu-Tang Clan frontman RZA competed in the Februarytournament. The HHCF has launched the HHCF Europe in Romaniaand also opened an office in Norfolk, Virginia. It has awarded $10,000in scholarships to contest winners.

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