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Hip Hop Video Vixen Airs More Dirty Laundry

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Ain't this about a blip?

Everybody dismissed Karrine "Superhead" Steffans two years ago when she released her tell-all book Confessions Of A Video Vixen. Her account of her sexploits with the biggest names in hip-hop--Usher, DMX, Jay-Z, and about one-hundred more--got her interviews on Oprah, Tyra and every urban radio show across the country.

Some of the rappers she claimed to have bedded called her a liar but more just kept their mouths shut all together, hoping to save themselves from further embarrassment. Most prayed that she'd get her check from Harper Collins and move on. But there was no motivation for her to take such an easy route since there are more stories to tell and more money to make.

Her follow up, The Vixen Diaries, due out in September, explains what's happened to her since the release of Confessions and is said to include episodes with Lil' Wayne and Ne-Yo.

I tell you, I never liked R. Kelly's "You Remember Me Of Something" because I thought it was dishonorable for a man to compare a woman to a jeep. But, with all do respect to my mother who raised me right, I must say that this Ms. Steffans if definitely starting to remind me of a car--a Cadillac Escalade in fact, the one all the rappers have in their video. Man, she gets around.

For a bit more insight into the world of Karrine Steffans, go to her website Karrine.com and watch the clip B.O.B. that finds the King Of R&B sleeping on her couch. Just don't tell Whitney Houston I sent you. Damn.

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