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Ice Cube’s Son OMG Releases ‘Jackin’ For Beats’ Mixtape

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Ice Cube's son, OMG, recently released a mixtape, "Jackin' For Beats: The Mixtape." The 11-track set includes covers of Meek Mill's "Welcome to My House Party," Waka Flocka's "No Hands," Bun B's "You're Everything," Drake's "The Motto" and other recent hits.

DOWNLOAD OMG's mixtape "Jackin' For Beats"

OMG sounds like early Cube, sharing his father's tone, enunciation and humor.

It's difficult for rich kids to convincingly sell gangsta rap's image of hard times. Instead of reminiscing about hardships, OMG disses auto-rap singers and boasts about his rap skills, lineage and girls, and it works.

He's not fronting. He references his mother's concern about his chosen lifestyle, and on "Kush" admits that he keeps out of any real trouble: "Y'all lucky that I leave all the murkin to the verses."

Lyrically, OMG's not as poignant as his pops, but he gets in enough punch lines to impress. One, in particular, is a clever shout out to his big bro, Doughboy: "All these hoes be Shannon Brown, jumping on Mon-i-ca."

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OMG and Doughboy appear on Ice Cube's 2010 album, "I Am The West." In an exclusive interview with Hip Hop Media Training in 2010,  Ice Cube described watching his sons evolve as MCs.

"I never wanted to push my kids into something they didn't want to do," he said. "When I started seeing them go to the studio and produce they own music and just be b-boys, I started to take interest in what they was doing.

"They wanted to get good on they own. They didn't want to just get a handout. They cultivated and worked on their talents to the point where I'm like, they dope.

"They didn't grow up in the hood so they talking about a whole different set of things.

"It was just cool to see them evolve to the point that I thought they were pros and they deserve to be on the record.

OMG's "Jackin' For Beats" title is a play on Ice Cube's classic of the same name that originally appeared on the West Coast legend's 1990 EP, "Kill At Will."


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