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It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s “Go Girl” aka Ciara

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A couple weeks ago, people were talking about Ciara's nude Vibe magazine cover. Ciara allegedly accused the magazine of airbrushing off her clothes, and Vibe's editor-in-chief went on a New York radio station and said that was untrue. She maintained that there was indeed nakedness going on on the photo shoot.

Ciara's brand new video, "Go Girl," gives her fans something else to talk about.

The T-Pain produced track boasts salutatory trumpets, an easy R&B groove and Ci Ci's sexy, airy vocals that I never seem to mind.

But the video is what distracts folks from the talk of whether or not she was Photoshop-ed or her latest escapade with 50 Cent, her rumored boyfriend.

There's no other female pop artist who has mastered rhythmic agility like her.

There are numerous examples in the "Go Girl" video.

1) The backwards Matrix bend

2) The Cannonball splits

3) Splits with a chair



4) Solmo Robo

Somebody needs to get this girl in the next superhero flick. She's ready to go, right now. Her forthcoming album, Fantasy Ride, is feeling dope already.

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