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‘it’s a boyeeeee!!!! Y’all’: Noreaga Tweets About New Son

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Hip Hop Media Training sends a congratulatory shout out toN.O.R.E. who became the proud father of a new baby boy Thursday. Noreagadocumented his experiences via Twitter. 

At 5:50 a.m. Thursday, the avid tweeter explained that hisgirlfriend was having contractions and they were on their way to the hospital. Until8 p.m., N.O.R.E. tweeted hourly, explaining candid details about his excitement,nervousness and smoke breaks.

He said he had never experienced a child's birth andappeared to be shocked every step of the way. When the doctor arrived he urgedhis Twitter followers to blast in unison his new single "Shoulder's Move." 

Witnessing the entire process left N.O.R.E. with new foundrespect for women. "I am so glad I am not a [woman]," he joked. "Never againwill I go to labor."

Then he tweeted that the baby boy looked like a Cubanversion of himself. 

N.O.R.E. put this post in your boy's scrapbook so he has thetweet record of his arrival. Good stuff.

Last month, N.O.R.E. and his rap partner Capone reunited torelease their third CNN album, Channel 10. The album boasts the hot track"Rotate" featuring Busta Rhymes and Ron Browz.

Read Noreaga's Twittertranscript:

noreaga I'm happy nervous hype and scared my girlhaving contractions headed 2 hospital now!!!!
5:50 AMApr 9th from txt

noreaga I heard of fainting n emergency room I wasgonna faint n the crib tho sh-t
about 23hours ago from txt 

noreaga I twitters from the waiting room b-itch I'macting gangsta but Im really ass n these places LOL!!
about 22hours ago from txt

noreaga I smell like banana kush it's kindaembarassing!!! And I got a misel Philly rolled up
about 22hours ago from txt 

noreaga i actually never went thru this from beginning2 end. its kinda scary and I smell like a ton of weed!! Sh-t!!!
about 22hours ago from mobile web 

noreaga Back n labor and delivery right now madshock
about 20hours ago from txt 

noreaga I'm outside hospital smoking a big blunt
about 17 hoursago from txt

noreaga I'm bout 2 have the baby let's blast outclean and dirty of shoulders move!!!!
about 17hours ago from txt 

noreaga Here comes the moment of truth the doctoris here
about 16hours ago from txt 

noreaga Nore's having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Weon the Mac holding him down! Go get his new single off S.O.R.E.-"Shoulders Move"- www.57thave.com
about 16hours ago from web 

noreaga the doctor [sic] what the f-ck!!!!
about 15hours ago from txt

noreaga I'm so glad I'm not a women never againwill I go 2 labor it's a boyeeeee!!!! Y'all
about 14hours ago from txt 

noreaga I will never go I'm the same room were ababy being born again n my life
about 14hours ago from txt 

Felt wierd nurse washing my son and pullhis joint back holy moly
about 12hours ago from txt 

noreaga Finally home long f-cking day and nightsmoking a blunt then going 2 sleep
about 9hours ago from txt

noreaga Had a baby boyee yesterday!!! The noreN--ga happy!!!
6 minutesago from txt 

noreaga He looks like a Cuban version of me sh-t!!!!LOL
2 minutesago from txt 


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