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Jamie Foxx Rightfully Apologizes To Miley Cyrus For Lewd Comments

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I'm glad that Jamie Foxx apologized for the things he saidabout Miley Cyrus Sunday on his Foxxhole show on SIRIUS XM Radio.

During a discussion about Cyrus proclaiming to ruinRadiohead because the group did not want to meet her at the Grammy awards, Foxx, in trademark comedianstyle, began making hardcore jokes about the teen star.

As his co-hosts chimed in, the Oscar award winning starwhose song "Blame It" is No. 1 at Urban radio said that Cyrus needed to grow upand make a sex tape. He said he hoped she catches a STD and suggested that she follow thedownward path of Lindsay Lohan.

Clips of Foxx's rant sparked a wild fire on the Internet.

A remorseful Foxx apologized Tuesday when making anappearance on The Tonight Show With JayLeno.

"I just want to say, 'I apologize for what I said and Ididn't mean it maliciously,'" Foxx told Leno about the star whose movie Hannah Montana: The Movie opened at No. 1 in the theaters last weekend.

Foxx, who has a teenage daughter himself, joked that he wasa comedian and that he didn't mean anything that he said. He dubbed the contentof his radio show as "blue" and likened it to being the "Black Howard Stern."He said that he and his co-hosts did not single out Cyrus, but that they talkabout everyone.

"What they do is pluck it off the radio show and they playit on the Internet and make it seem like out of the blue I said these crazythings about this young girl and it's not like that," Foxx said. "I want you tonip it in the bud when you see the TMZs. It's just jokes."

I appreciate Foxx for having the decency to make a publicapology to Cyrus especially since his lewd comments trashing the 16-year-old madetop entertainment news.

It is ironic that this is the third time in the last weekthat the controversy of crossing the line in comedy has come up in my blog.

I don't have a problem with the satire in Eminem's "We MadeYou" video.

I did have issue with the suggestiveness of the gay KanyeWest jokes on the Fishsticks episode of South Park.

And I believe Foxx owed Cyrus an apology.

Here's the deal.

We all get comedy.

I like comedians who are brutally honest. My favorites are thosewho say what others are thinking but are afraid to say--Dave Chapelle, EddieMurphy, Andrew Dice Clay, George Carlin, Martin Lawrence, Richard Pryor, KathyGriffin, etc. These comedians push buttons and cross the line. It is why theyare hilarious.

If I was listening to Jamie Foxx's radio show or seen himtell the Cyrus joke in a club, I would have laughed even though I thought itwas wrong.

Such contradiction prevails in comedy.

So many comedians diss Cyrus. I never would have thoughtthat Foxx owed her an apology.

But when the story exploded, the impromptu remarks ended upcausing embarrassment to Cyrus. She is a child and did not deserve that type ofpublic humiliation. Debatable jokes about her talent are different.

Since Foxx's jokes were not malicious, he did not have aproblem saying sorry for any harm he caused. I took his reply as his way ofsaying, It was just a joke, a spontaneous, indecent joke that he knew wouldmake people laugh. It's the risk of a comedian.

There is no argument that the joke was too much, and I amsaying this because she is underage.

Should Foxx avoid using such inappropriate commentary aboutunderage people in his routine?

Of course.

If Cyrus was irate because Radiohead did not want to meether, I would love to know what she thinks about Foxx.

Guess we have to stay tuned.

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