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Janet Doesn’t Wanna Rock Right Now

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Janet Jackson has canceled a half a dozen dates on her Rock With U tour because she is battling an illness.

Five minutes before show opener LL Cool J was scheduled to hit the stage at their September 29 date in Montreal, Canada, Janet called off the concert. She was rushed to a local hospital for treatment. She was released two hours later.

Next, she postponed dates in Boston, Philadelphia, Greensboro, Atlanta and Ft. Lauderdale.

The statements released by her extremely credible and respected publicist simply note that the megastar has been treated and is recovering. But the explanations do not offer details and the media have began describing the entertainer's bout as a mystery illness.

A person's health is his or her personal business, but what's the big deal about Janet giving her thousands of fans who purchased concert tickets some insight to what's happening?

The elusiveness has prompted some to speculate that Janet is having a tough time dealing with subpar ticket sales. Our esteemed Dave DiMartino coined the diagnosis Extremis Minimus Ticketsalus in her honor and is awaiting inclusion in the next printing of Webster's New World Medicine Dictionary.

Something isn't right.

Is her illness something of the embarrassing nature?

Is she stressed out? She's had a rough year. Discipline was her first album with Island Def Jam and it failed to reach the heights Janet anticipated. It was reported last month that an unhappy Janet exited her recording deal with IDJ and was planning to release a new album through iTunes.

Why has LL Cool J been so quiet? It was a big deal for him to join Janet on this tour and to promote Exit 13, his final album on Def Jam. But no tour for Janet means no tour for Cool J, and he has not said anything regarding the matter.

I think there is a cover up and it's not looking good. People are still upset with Janet for the Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction. I'm sure she does not want a similar backlash.

So Janet if you are sick, you need to speak up. I mean, Natalie Cole is in and out of the hospital battling Hepatitis C and people are extending her well wishes. It's hard to get true support when you are being so vague.

VIDEO BLOG: Janet recorded this video blog after the opening night in Vancouver. Actually, she doesn't look or sound too good.

Janet's first night on tour, narrated by boyfriend Jermaine Dupri.


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