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Judge Wants Chris Brown To Do Community Labor

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The Los Angeles Superior Court Judge who is set to formallysentence Chris Brown for his felony assault on his ex-girlfriend Rihannaapparently wants him to learn a good lesson.

Judge Patricia Schnegg was scheduled to sentence ChrisWednesday, but delayedthe process until August 27, Reutersreported. Schnegg wants to make sure that Chris' punishment includes communitylabor like roadside cleanup as specified in the pleadeal arranged in June. She is awaiting a community labor proposal from Virginia, Chris' home state.

Chris has been working to divert the media attention back tohis music. On Sunday, he made his firstperformance appearance since the Rihanna assault. During a tour stop inVirginia, Lil' Wayneinvited Chris to fill in for Drake, who was recovering from a bad fall he had taken at a previous concert.

Chris joined Wayneon stage to perform Drake's "Best I Ever Hard." Chris also danced to MichaelJackson's "Billie Jean" and received a positive response from the audience.

The day following Michael Jackson's death, Chris teamed withThe Game, Diddy, Boyz II Men and others to release the Michael tribute song "BetterOn The Other Side."

Chris admitted to beatingRihanna in February, the day before the Grammy Awards.

As part of Chris' plea deal, he was sentenced to five yearsprobation, six months of community labor and to take a course on domesticabuse.

In July, Chris released a video,announcing that he had apologized to Rihanna numerous times.

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