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Kanye Proves “Stronger” Than The Paparazzi

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I'm not sure who I dislike more the paparazzi or Kanye West.

That's not true. I do know the answer. It's Kanye.

The loud-mouth, Grammy Award winning rapper and producer was arrested at the Los Angeles International Airport Thursday morning after getting into an altercation with a photographer and TMZ cameraman. Kanye is being accused of vandalism for breaking a camera valued at $10,000.

After viewing the clips, my suspicions that Kanye did get out of hand were confirmed.

You can see Kanye, in a gray hooded sweatshirt, arguing with the photographer while yelling, "I took it. I took it." He then smashes the camera on the ground. My favorite part of the clip occurs next, when he simply resumes his place in line with his entourage in tow. I'm sure he feels his actions were justified.

In a funny interview with the TMZ cameraman, he gives his account for what happened and stressed that he would be scared to run into Kanye again, especially if there are no cameras around.

I can imagine how annoying it must be to have a paparazzi following you around all the time, taking pictures of you against your will. I think the paparazzi are often times indecent.

But there's no excuse for Kanye's behavior. Dealing with the paparazzi comes with the celebrity. Kanye needs to get a grip. He complains at every award show that he's shunned that he doesn't get his props. He claims that he's underrated. He wants to control the attention. He should know by now that that's not how it works.

He will probably end up with a fine that will mean nothing to him.

I'm thinking of a better punishment.

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