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Kanye’s ‘Runaway’ Is Not An Apology Record

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Kanye West owes Taylor Swift a licensing fee. For the secondconsecutive year, Taylorhas been entangled in media hoopla that has nothing to do with her.

Last year, Kanye interrupted the Video Music Awards to saythat MTV mistakenly named Taylor,instead of Beyoncé, as the winner of the best female video.

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And this year, one week prior to the VMAs, Kanye sparked anI'm-sorry-Taylor pity party. He said he had written a beautiful songfor Taylor. "Ifshe won't take it then I'll perform it for her," he wrote on his Twitterpage.

Then on the big night, he performed "Runaway," a song that wasimmediately interpreted to be an apology to the country darling. The sing-songmelody and conversational chorus is signature Taylor Swift. But the words donot reference Tayloror the back story. The lyrics aren't remorseful.

Watch Kanye West perform "Runaway" at VMAs

Kanye confesses faults in his two verses. He says he ishypercritical, singing, "I always find somethin' wrong." He adds that hestruggles with being faithful: "See, I could have me a good girl/And still beaddicted to them hoodrats."

But does he suggest changing his ways or make a plea for help?


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On the track, not only does Kanye accept that he's a jerk, but healso does so in a self-aggrandizing way. He pledges for everyone to raise their glasses for a salute to all of his fellow obnoxious people: "Let's have a toast for the scumbags/Every one one of themthat I know."

He does offer a simple solution for those who can't dealwith his antics. "Run away as fast as you can," he Auto-Tunes.


"Runaway" is being used in a movie he has written. Theone-minute preview clip features a bird-woman, and Kanye carrying a lady as he escapesan explosion.

I won't attempt to decode the message. I'm still trying tofigure out the "Power" video.

A rep for Kanye said she didn't think "Runaway" was thesong that the "Power" rapper mentioned on Twitter.


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