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Kelly Rowland No Longer Managed By Matthew Knowles

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Jawn Murray, MediaTakeOut, AP are all reporting that KellyRowland has exited the building headed by Beyonce's dad Matthew Knowles.

I've long wondered if Destiny's Child members Kelly or Michelle would ever seeksomeone other than Matthew Knowles to oversee their solo careers? Gossipcolumnists and bloggers have suggested that if Kelly or Michelle ever severedtheir management ties with Poppa Knowles that it would be considered careersuicide.

That appeared to be the case for original Destiny's Childmembers LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson who were dismissed from the group whenthey insisted upon having more input in their young careers.

Fortunately, the Rowland and Knowles split appears to bedrama free. I contacted both of their representatives for a copy of theirofficial statements. Kelly's publicist Simone Smalls sent me the comments from both, definitely a sign that the parties want to make it clear thatthey are not feuding.

"After a very positive meeting between Kelly Rowland andmyself, we have amicably agreed to end our professional relationship," Knowles said in the statement."My company, Music World, will continue to manage Destiny's Child as a group.As an artist, Kelly has incredible talent and I only wish her the best. We willalways be family first and foremost, and as a dad I only have love for Kelly."

Rowland expressed her gratitude to Knowles. "Matthew Knowleshas been a positive influence in my career," Kelly said. "I have had greatsuccess under his guidance--both as a member of Destiny's Child and with my soloprojects. Although we have decided to part ways professionally, the Knowlesfamily and the entire Music World Entertainment team will always be my family."

I know it had to be a tough decision for Kelly to walk awayfrom Matthew Knowles' management company. We know that everyone in the businesstakes his telephone calls and meetings. It will be hard for her to replace thatlevel of influence.

However, pursuing other management options will be good.When Matthew makes a call on Kelly's behalf you can guarantee that every music,film or TV producer, potential sponsor, advertising agent, editor, or radioprogram director has Beyonce on their brains. While having the platform to bepitched to these powerhouses poses an incredible amount of exposure for Kelly,I am sure it has both helped and hindered the number of opportunities she hassecured.

This will be a great opportunity for Kelly to step out ofBeyonce's shadows in order to come into her own.

Kelly has the talent, look and experience to succeed as asolo artist and I would love to see that happen for her. She has really onlyhad one US hit independent of her work with Destiny's Child. In 2002, hercollab with Nelly, "Dilemma," reached #1 on Billboard'sHot 100 chart.

Her two solo albums, SimplyDeep and Ms. Kelly, didn't reachtheir potential.

I wish her the best and say congratulations.

I know it had to be a scary decision. But it was necessary.


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