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Kid Cudi Exits Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Days After Assaulting Fan

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Kid Cudi has pulled out of Lady Gaga's Monster Ball tour which began on November 27.

According to a statement, Cudi left the tour to focus on other projects. "Kid Cudi has decided to take an early leave of absence from Lady Gaga's Monster Ball tour in order to balance his schedule surrounding the recording of his next album and acting commitments," the statement reads. "Cudi does not want to disappoint his fans and will move forward with his individual show dates in December and throughout the month of January."

Cudi's announcement comes days after he allegedly assaulted concertgoer Michael Sharpe, 19, at a club date in Vancouver Friday. The statement, however, does not mention the incident.

When I contacted a label representative for Cudi, I was told that the label did not have a comment on the matter.

Cudi's attack is documented on a YouTube video.

During Cudi's performance at the Commodore Ballroom, someone in the audience threw a wallet on the stage. Cudi threw the wallet back and Sharpe caught it.

According to Sharpe, Cudi said you better be the owner, prompting Sharpe to throw the wallet back on stage.

Having the wallet thrown on stage a second time upset Cudi. He climbed off the stage and came into the crowd and allegedly struck Sharpe.

"When he first punched me, I thought, 'Oh sh-t, his guys are going to come after me. They probably think I hit him," Sharpe told Yahoo! Music.

"When it happened my adrenaline [was pumping]," he said. "I thought, 'I got hit, whoa.' I was a bit sore."

Sharpe is not upset and does not want to press charges, though when asked whether he thought he was owed an apology, he said, "Yes."

"I kind of feel like if someone hits you, of course, I want an apology, but it's a slim reality," Sharpe said. "Who am I to ask? I guess that shows how I feel."

Sharpe lingered around the venue after the show, hoping to no avail to meet Cudi. Ironically, he met the man who initially threw the wallet.

Sharpe said, "You idiot, why did you throw it?" The man said he was moved by the energy of the show.

Sharpe considered contacting Cudi and began writing an email to the rapper, but deleted it, discouraged that he was not able to connect with anyone from Cudi's camp.

In the letter, Sharpe explained his disposition to Cudi.

"Cudi, I'm the guy you punched," Sharpe wrote. "This isn't a guy trying to milk the situation. I don't expect anything from you. If you call me, it would be nice. I'm still a fan, and I know people make mistakes."

This is the second time Lady Gaga has lost a tour partner this year. In October, Kanye West, who signed Cudi to his GOOD Music imprint, cancelled the "Fame Kills" tour he planned with Lady Gaga.

Though Kanye did not explain his departure, it was speculated to be the result of backlash he received from interrupting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards.

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