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LaToya Jackson Tribute Song To Be Released

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LaToya Jackson's family tribute song "Home" will be releasedTuesday, July 28, on iTunes on the Universal Records distributed Ja-TailRecords and Bungalo Records.

The song was originally recorded for LaToya's unreleased album"Starting Over." In the lyrics, LaToya reminisces about how much she misses allthe fun times she had growing up with her siblings.

She sings, "Missing all the years we all shared at home,silly things we did, laughing from early dusk to dawn. I remember when we werealways best friends."

In the heartfelt ballad, LaToya says she knows her brothersand sisters have busy lives, but she hopes they can spend more time together.

"So don't you tell me you don't know what I'm feeling. And don'ttell me I'm just dreaming. Like mother always said, Your family will always bethere for you. It don't have to be this way. Let's make tomorrow a much muchbrighter day. Don't let this time between us slip away."

Jeffre Phillips, Ja-Tail founder, told AP that LaToyaplanned to release another record as her debut single. But the album was placedon hold when Michael Jackson died on June 25.

Ja-Tail decided to release "Home" in memory of Michael,Phillips told AP. Phillips added that the label would donate the proceeds to oneof the late Jackson'sfavorite charities, AIDS Project LA.

LaToya would not be participating in the marketing andpromotion of the song, Phillips added.

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