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Lil’ Wayne Hancock: The People’s Champ

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            If you got money and you know it
            Take it out your pocket and
            Show it and throw it

            - T-Pain in "Got Money"

Whatever happened to "Throw ya hands in the air and wave 'em like ya just don't care?" I have two small kids, so you won't see me throwing any loose change "this away or that away." I'll leave that to the hip hop ballers like Lil' Wayne and T-Pain who take things a step further in their new video "Got Money" that has a bit of a Robin Hood meets Hancock theme.

Wayne opens the video making a statement about Hurricane Katrina adding, "The system makes you feel like it was just yesterday" and then he announces that he has a plan.

Next thing you know, the New Orleans rapper barges into a bank, jumps on the counter and starts demanding money only to start handing it off to the customers. (Ok, I know Wayne is not doing the customers any favors by stealing money from their bank and then giving it back to them. But it's just a 3 minute rap video, so let's not get too analytical.)

Wayne and his crew rush out of the building with bags of cash and lead the cops on a high speed chase all while throwing bills out of the back of the money truck, some hitting the police car and others landing on the street for onlookers to grab.

Since Hancock is fresh on the brain, the bank robbery scene made me think of the flick where Will Smith portrays an unorthodox super hero. I was waiting for a Hancock-like figure to bust into the bank to put Wayne in check. But that doesn't happen. The cops get him instead.

"Good job."


And the people applaud.

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