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Lil’ Wayne Portrays Cheating Boyfriend In Ex’s Music Video

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It's no secret that Lil' Wayne is popular among the ladies.

The rapper recently fathered two children from two women,actress Lauren London, and R&B singer Nivea.

But the New Orleans-bread artists' actions sparked even morespeculation Tuesday, the day he was scheduled to begin a year-long jail sentence, when heappeared in Nivea's music video for "Love Hurts."


Wayne,credited as Mr. W.F. Baby, plays a two-timing fiancée in the clip that featuresNivea giving back an engagement ring before moving out of a mansion.

The lyrics accuse the male subject of being unfaithful,offering "all your lies, all your cheating," "you done defeated me," "you couldhave been straight up with me."

She adds, "I'm bowing out, leaving the crowd, them othergirls, can have you now."

While Wayneappears throughout the video, his face is not revealed until a closing scene.

There is long history between the two former childperformers. They apparently have a good relationship. It is genius marketing tohave Wayne inthe video.

I've got another real life portrayal idea for Nivea. Sheshould use London and Wayne for a new version of her 2002 hit "Don't Mess With My Man."

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