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Mariah: “I’ll Be Lovin’ [Myself] Long Time”

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In order for this experiment to work, you must read this blog before watching the video.

Here's your chance to see if you have what it takes to be a director for Mariah's new video.

I'm going to give you a couple elements and I want you to come up with an idea that you think Mariah would approve.

1) The title of the song is "I'll Be Lovin' You Long Time."

2) The video will be released in July.

3) The video will feature a cameo from rap superstar T.I.

4) Mariah Carey recently married actor, comedian, rapper, entrepreneur Nick Cannon.

You've got 10 seconds and 150 characters to write a treatment for the video.


If you really know Mimi well your treatment would be similar to this:

Mariah shoots the video on the beach and changes into no less than a half-a- dozen bikinis. Shots of T.I. rapping are spliced in.

If your idea was on par with the above and you are not working professionally as a video director, you should consider a career change. Had you taken the right career path, you could have just made $25,000, or whatever inflated fee a pop star's video director makes. Don't you feel bad?

Well, how do you think Nick Cannon feels? He's only been married to Mariah for a month and has already been pushed on the backburner for another rapper.

If you didn't correctly figure out the theme for this video, don't feel bad. Just bookmark this page and try again upon the release of her next video. It will still apply.

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