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Mary J. Blige, Akon, Usher Remake Quincy Jones Songs For New Album

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Classic songs from Quincy Jones' catalog have beenre-recorded by contemporary R&B and hip-hop artists for the album, Q: Soul Bossa Nostra. The album slatedto be released on Interscope Records in May or June features covers by Mary J.Blige, Usher, and Snoop Dogg, among others.

Akon's rendition of the Brothers Johnson's "StrawberryLetter 23," which Jones produced for the Brothers Johnson's 1977 album Right On Time, will be released on March24 as Q: Soul Bossa Nostra's firstsingle.

Akon, who considers Jones a mentor, said he already knewwhat song he wanted to remake when he was invited to join the project. "When Quincy called and told meabout this album, I said, 'You have to let me do 'Strawberry Letter 23''," Akonsaid. "And the funny thing is that's the song he was thinking about already. Webrought a new modern feel to this classic, and I think everyone's going toreally enjoy it."

The album will also include a modernized version of "Secret Garden"from Jones' 1989 album Back On The Block.The original smoky ballad had an All-Star R&B lineup with Barry White,James Ingram, Al B. Sure, and El DeBarge. The new version features the lateWhite's original vocals in addition to contributions from Usher, Robin Thicke,LL Cool J, Trey Songz, Tyrese, and Tevin Campbell.

Jones is excited that the new artists are helping revitalizethe songs. "Each of these songs had incredible artists and unique stories fromwhen we originally recorded them," Jones said in a statement. "I think thatthese new interpretations will not only introduce these songs to a whole newgeneration of music fans, but inspire them to seek out the original recordingsand show that these songs really stand the test of time...that's the ultimatemark of a great tune."

In addition to songs from traditional albums, Q: Soul Bossa Nostra has covers of worksJones produced for theme songs for television shows Roots, The Bill Cosby Show,and Ironside.

Jones, who has received 27 Grammy Awards, the most of anyliving musician, is responsible for producing both the best-selling single ("WeAre The World") and album (Michael Jackson's Thriller) of all time.

In 1995, Jones released Q'sJook Joint that also covered his works.

See below a listing of Q:Soul Boss Nostra featured artists and the songs they remade.

Original recordingartist (year recorded)

"Strawberry Letter 23"
Brothers Johnson (1977)

Ludacris and Naturally 7
"Soul Bossa Nostra"
QuincyJones (1962)

Usher, Robin Thicke, LL Cool J, Trey Songz, Tyrese, TevinCampbell, and Barry White
"Secret Garden"
Barry White, Al B. Sure, James Ingram, El DeBarge (1989)

Jennifer Hudson
"You Put A Move On My Heart"
Tamia (1995)

Jamie Foxx
"Give Me The Night"
George Benson and Rod Temperton (1980)

John Legend
Brothers Johnson and Tevin Campbell (1976 and 1989)

T-Pain and Robin Thicke
Michael Jackson (1983)

Mary J. Blige and Q-Tip
"Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me"
QuincyJones and Patti Austin (1980)

Bebe Winans
"Everything Must Change"
QuincyJones and Bernard Ighner (1974)

Wyclef Jean
"Oluwa (Mainy Rains Ago)"
theme song
QuincyJones and Caiphus Semenya(1977)

Snoop Dogg
"Get The Funk Out Of My Face"
Brothers Johnson (1976)

Talib Kweli
QuincyJones (1967)

Three 6 Mafia and David Banner
"Hickky Burr (Wrath of Katrina)"
The Bill Cosby Show
theme song
QuincyJones and Bill Cosby (1969)

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