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Maxwell And Kerry Washington Get Racy In ‘Bad Habits’ Video

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Maxwell'sJuly No. 1 debut, "BLACKsummer'snight," proved that the slick R&B singerdidn't lose any edge when he shavedoff his signature curly afro for a more conservative cropped cut. He soldmore than 300,000 copies that week. That's pretty good, especially during atime when record sales are low.

But in case there are still any naysayers lingering around,doubting that the "Pretty Wings" crooner is any less appealing to his adoringfemale fans, Maxwell gets racy in the video for his second single "BadHabits."

In the director's cut, a married Maxwell attempts to resistthe temptation of an ex, portrayed by "Ray" actress KerryWashington. Though the red light and mirror effects tone down some of thevideo's steamier moments, "Bad Habits" is still by far Maxwell's most risquéclip to date.

Shots of Kerry's character removing Maxwell's wedding ringand the following bedroom sequence is almost on par with Usher's "TradingPlaces" video.

It is not clear whether Maxwell actually accepts Kerry's advancesor if the rendezvous was an elaborate fantasy. But the look on Maxwell's faceat the end of the video makes it clear that Kerry Washington is a "Bad Habits" thatwill require professional help to break.

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