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Michael Jackson’s ‘Dream For Tour’ Revealed In ‘This Is It’

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MichaelJackson's "This Is It" made more than $7 million dollars in the U.S.on its opening night Wednesday.

The documentary-styled film follows Michael during therehearsals for his "This Is It" concert. Director Kenny Ortega wanted Michael'sfans to understand his vision for the sold-out 50-date run at London's O2 venue.

"We wanted to make a film for the fans that would help themcome to understand what Michael Jackson's dream for 'This Is It' was," Kennyexplained.


Watch the video interview with "This Is It" DirectorKenny Ortega.


The tour included enhanced productions of Michael's songs"Thriller" and "Smooth Criminal."

In an exclusive video interview, Kenny explained Michael'splans for "Thriller." "Michael wanted to go all out," Kenny said. "'Thriller iswhat Michael called a 4-D experience."

For "Smooth Criminal," Michael was filmed in front of agreen screen and superimposed into the 1946 movie "Gilda," starring RitaHayworth.

Whatthe trailer for "Gilda."

Kenny and Michael thought it would be great to incorporatethe classic, black and white piece into the "This Is It" show.

Kenny confirmed reports that Michael's children wouldsee the movie, but was hesitant, for privacy reasons, to offer details.

Kenny also directed the "Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best OfBoth Worlds Concert Tour" which generated $31 million its opening weekend in2008. Varietypredicts that "This Is It" will easily top that record.

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