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‘Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ Musical Director Says Singer Was ‘Our Friend’

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"Michael Jackson's This Is It" Musical Director Michael Bearden said it was difficult pulling together the documentary styled film in just four months since the King Of Pop's death on June 25.

"Michael was not just our boss, he was our friend," Bearden said in an exclusive interview with Yahoo! Music. He added that they approached making the movie with Michael, his children, and fans in mind.

Bearden dismissed the notion that the late icon surrounded himself with mindless "yes people" who simply followed his orders and never offered input. In the film which opened in theatres Tuesday, Bearden and Michael are captured discussing how to structure songs.

Watch my video interview with Michael Bearden to get more insight on his work on "Michael Jackson's This Is It."


Before beginning working with Michael, Bearden requested that he deal directly with the "Thriller" singer, as opposed to an assistant.

"Michael had no problem with that," Bearden revealed. The two did not always agree on ideas, but developed an approach to settling their differences.

One of the highlights of the film is Michael's performance of "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" with Judith Hill, a newcomer and "This Is It" background singer. Judith made news in July when she performed Michael's "Heal The World" at his memorial.

The chemistry between the two singers is as good as Michael's version with Siedah Garrett that appears on his 1987 album "Bad." Judith is completely confident, singing next to Michael. They wrap the song with chilling impromptu, gospel ad-libs.

Nearly every other performance in the film is a compilation of various takes, but this one is a single, continuous shot.

Surprisingly, Bearden reveals that the "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" performance was taped on the first day Michael and Judith met.

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