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New Boyz: I Know, I’m A Jerk Too

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There's no need to front. Billy J loves fun, upbeat hip-hop,rap, whatever you want to call it. No doubt, "You're A Jerk," by the Los Angeles based New Boyz crew featuring members Ben Jand Legacy, is the hottest song on Los Angeles radio.


They remind me of both Digital Underground and Pharcyde. Ifirst heard the song when watching a YouTube clip of Diddy's son Christiandancing. The kid can dance, but the track behind him is what caught myattention.

After hearing the song blow up on KPWR 106 in Los Angeles, I did alittle research to track down the guys. Ironically, they had just been pickedup by Asylum.

My folks at Asylum invited to their half time show at Los Angeles' University High School last month. They were ona tour with KPWR, performing 8-minute half time sets at celebrity basketballgames KPWR hosted with high schools around the city.

I was impressed by how "ready" these young dudes are. Theyhit the court and effortlessly worked the crowd that already knew and lovedtheir song that has frequently topped KPWR's Top 7 at 7 countdown.

We will premiere the video very soon, so be sure to checkback.

In the meantime, take a look at my video interview in theloud high school gym auditorium and the "You're A Jerk" making of clip. Thevideo is directed by DJ Skee.

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