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Omarion Dances With Mom In New Michael Jackson Tribute Video

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Omarionhas released a 2-minute teaser clip from his latest video, "Hoodie" featuringJay Rock.


The video is a tribute to the late Michael Jackson. While Omarion incorporates moderndancing, the look and feel of the vid is reminiscent of Michael Jackson's "BeatIt."

Additionally, the video has another special element, anappearance from Omarion's mother. Leslie Burrell. Burrell, who is also adancer, joins her son in a jerk dance scene.

I give Miss Burrell her props. She looks good. Without adoubt, Omarion inherited some of her fancy footwork. She could get some of hergirls and compete on America'sBest Dance Crew.

The full length "Hoodie" video will be released next week.Omarion's album "Ollusion" is due out on January 12, 2010.

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