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Prince Ea Releases St. Louis Cardinals World Series Rap Anthem

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Think the St. Louis Cardinals can take out the Texas Rangers in their bid for the World Series?

St. Louis rapper Prince Ea thinks so. The self-proclaimed nerd MC who has sparked an incredible buzz for himself has released the song and video "Cardinal National Video (World Series Anthem / Fan POV)."

In the video featured on FOX 2, the camera follows the die-hard Cardinal fan from his home, past the stadium, and to a local sports bar to watch the game, his team's red and white paraphernalia everywhere along the way.

The anthemic track boasts punchy, triumphant horns, and Prince Ea's singsong chorus. Prince advises the Cardinal's opposition to accept defeat: "Texas messing with the wrong crew." Then he confidently adds that losing is not an option for his team: "We can't lose. Who else you know can turn a breakdown into a breakthrough?"

I became an instant fan of Prince Ea when I heard his song "Backwards Rappers" a couple months ago. The opening verse champions hip-hop's skewed values that celebrate "getting money, no matter the price." But as Prince Ea sarcastically raps the nonsense lyrics, the video clip is played backwards. At the video's halfway point, Prince Ea begins to move forward as does his lyrical content. He then raps, "Knowledge is more important than popping bottles." It's filmed in front of a school.

The founder of the Make SMART Cool program, Prince Ea graduated Summa Cum Laude this year from University Of Missouri St. Louis with a BA in Anthropology. He has a long list of supporters. He was named Vibe Verses Grand Champion. He received sponsorship from Dr. Dre's "Beats By Dre." His song "The Brain" was covered by DISCOVER magazine. And he won the 2011 Trojan Magnum Live Large Project 2 contest hosted by Ludacris.

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